COHESIVETAPE.c o m | Tailor made solutions

Cohesive tape is a dynamic and fast growing company that is leading Europe in the production and customization of cohesive tapes. We presently supply a wide range of International companies , who have found our product innovative and reliable, and our service second to none.


Our manufacturing site, based in central Europe is strategically situated to serve, to the best of our capacity, a truly international market.


Our products are highly specialized cold seal tapes both latex and latex free, available in various standard dimensions, can also be adapted to our client?s individual needs.


Cohesive tape?s production site is fully certified to ISO9001:2000 standards and staffed by and experienced and highly trained technicians.


Our aim is to provide the international market with a flexible, easy to use product that can be adapted to a wide range of uses ranging from securing highly delicate medical tubing to more robust electrical cord sets, always with the same efficiency, leaving no residue on the product it contains.

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