COHESIVETAPE.c o m | Tailor made solutions

We consider our greatest wealth to be our staff. Over time we have produced a hightly specialized crew whose expertise can serve our clients from to conceptual phase to the realization and quality control of our product, offering not only technical know how but the hands on experience that only years of serving our clients can bring.


We keep abreast of new technology and, developments thus being able to best advise and serve our hightly regard and ever growing client base.


Our R&D division, located in Northern Italy is continually developing new cold seal and thermal sealing coated solutions to various packaging challenges.


Our hightly specialized team believe the best way to serve our clients is first of all to listen, listen to their individual requests, problems they may have had in the past, and what they require from the product we supply. Only after listening do we than formulate what we consider the best possible solution to their needs, whether it be one of our standardized products or a products designed for their individual needs.


All the products produced at our modern manufacturing facility are subject to the hightest possible quality control procedures, on the factory floor and in the laboratory where state of the art Dynamometers, Infra red analizer, microscopes and other equipment assure the commitment to T.Q.M.

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