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Cohesive tape is an innovative and highly adaptable product. Its cold seal qualities makes it easy to use and it leaves no residue on the products it secures making ideal for wide scope of uses.


Cohesive tape is used today to contain such products as medical tubing where the choice of latex or latex free versions is important, electrical cabling where the resistance and simple to use qualities are best used, highly delicate Fibre optic cables have also been held by cohesive tapes where the fact that no residue is left is paramount as you can see cohesive tape is the correct choice where SECURITY, CLEANLINESS, EASY TO USE AND RELIABITY are important.


Our highly specialized team believe the best way to serve our clients is first of all to listen, listen to their individual requests, problems they may have had in the past, and what they require from the products we supply. Only after listening do we then formulate what we consider the best possible solution to their needs, whether it be one of our standardized products or a product designed for their individual needs.

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